EGOS Sub-theme 15: (SWG) Creativity, Reflexivity and Responsibility in Organizational Ethnography

Laura Galuppo, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
Geneviève Musca, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, France
Linda Rouleau, HEC Montréal, Canada

Appel à contributions

Organizational Ethnography (OE) nowadays faces a threefold challenge: to creatively explore changing and multifaceted organizations; to reflexively question the choices and assumptions which sustain the researchers’ relationships with people they interview and follow; to […]

EGOS Sub-theme 51: Valuation and Evaluation within and across Organizations

Charlotte Cloutier, HEC Montréal, Canada
Jean-Pascal Gond, City University London, UK
Louis-François Brodeur, HEC Montréal, Canada

Appel à contributions

Sociologists have long been interested in the notion of value and how it is « produced, diffused, assessed and institutionalized » (Lamont, 2012: 214). Individuals and groups (e)valuate things, people and actions everywhere and all the time. In order to attribute and […]

Appel à contribution pour PROS 2015

Thème de cette année: Skillful Performance: Enacting Expertise, Competence, and Capabilities in Organizations

Jorgen Sandberg, University of Queensland, Australia (
Linda Rouleau, HEC Montreal, Canada (
Ann Langley, HEC Montreal, Canada (
Haridimos Tsoukas, University of Cyprus, Cyprus & University of Warwick, UK (

PROS 2015-Call for Papers-Final

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