Mike Pratt: Understanding Organizational Mourning among Former Lehman Bankers: A Tale of Two Pathways

2 juin 2016
Michael G. Pratt O'Connor Family Professor Carroll School of Management Boston College Salle/room: Transat Résumé/abstract: "Organizational death” has become an [...]

Martha Feldman: The Importance of "-ing": Action’s role in defining resources

4 mai 2016
Martha Feldman Professor of Social Ecology, Business, Political Science and Sociology University of California, Irvine Salle/Room: KPMG (1er étage, section [...]

Linda Putnam: A Constitutive Approach to the Study of Organizational Paradox, Contradiction, and Dialectics

11 avril 2016
Linda Putnam Research Professor Department of Communication University of California, Santa Barbara Date: Lundi le 11 avril 2016 Heure: 12h15-14h [...]

Samia Chreim: Multilevel Identity Work under Institutional Tensions

10 mars 2016
Samia Chreim Professeure titulaire École de gestion Telfer Université d'Ottawa Salle: Cogeco (1er étage, section bleue) Conférence donnée en anglais [...]

Gwyneth Edwards: Entrapment: The constraining nature of CEO narrative

23 février 2016
Gwyneth Edwards Professeure adjointe Département d'affaires internationales HEC Montréal Salle/room: Serge-Saucier (1er étage, section bleue) Conférence donnée en anglais, période [...]
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