David Courpasson: Insurgent Bodies. Emotional Effervescence in an Online Protest

5 February 2014
David Courpasson, Professeur, EMLyon Business School Conférence organisée conjointement avec le Groupe de recherche en système d'information (GReSI)

Consuelo Vasquez: Without texts no authority! Studying the power of texts to act from a distance

12 December 2013
Consuelo Vasquez, Professeure, Département de communication sociale et publique, Université du Québec à Montréal

Jennifer Howard-Grenville: Roping in the cowboys at Oilco: How companies integrate externally-sourced organizational routines

7 November 2013
Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Associate Professor, Lundquist School of Business, University of Oregon

Stephen R. Barley: Ethnography: Discovering the Obvious that Everyone Else Overlooks

15 October 2013
Stephen R. Barley, Richard W. Weiland Professor of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University
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