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Date(s) - 3 octobre 2018
12 h 15 min - 14 h 00 min






Jane Lê
Professor of Strategic Management

Date: Mercredi 3 octobre 2018
Heure: 12h15-14h
Lieu: HEC Montréal
Salle : Beijing (3ème étage, section bleu)

Conférence donnée en anglais
Presentation in English
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This paper explores the origins of organizational wrongdoing by zooming in on a phenomenon that has recently received much media attention: Complicity. Conceptualizing complicity from a process and practice perspective, we focus on the morally-laden practices behind socially organized wrongdoing. We use media reports, interviews, open letters, investigative journalism contributions, and organizational reports to develop two illustrative vignettes of complicity based on the recent Oxfam exploitation scandal and the Weinstein sexual abuse scandal. These retrospective accounts offer an opportunity to examine in detail the practices that facilitated the aiding or abetting of misconduct (distancing, disempowering, deceiving). We discuss the implications of this practice-theoretical view of organizational wrongdoing.

Co-author: Fannie Couture

Author’s bio

Jane Lê is Professor of Strategic Management. Her research focuses on practice-based studies of complex contexts, particularly infrastructure settings like energy, telecoms, rail and water that critically underpin our economy and quality of life. She fosters particular interests in paradox and materiality. She aims to conduct research at the highest level, producing quality research outputs with real world relevance. Her work has appeared in a number of leading journals including Organization Science, Organization Studies, Strategic Organization, British Journal of Management, International Journal of HRM, and Organization. Dr. Lê has a strong profile in her focal field of strategy-as-practice, where she currently leads the Research Community Platform at the European Group for Organizational Studies and is Past Chair of the Strategizing Activities and Practice interest group at the Academy of Management. However, her training in psychology and sociology, and breadth of experience working in human resource management, strategy and organizational studies, position her well to understand and appreciate work conducted along a broad spectrum of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Cette conférence est organisée conjointement avec la Chaire en gestion stratégique en contexte pluraliste