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Date(s) - 17 septembre 2019
15 h 30 min - 17 h 15 min














Richard Whittington

Professor of Strategic Management
University of Oxford
Saïd Business school


Date: Mardi 17 septembre 2019
Heure: 15h30-17h15
Lieu: HEC Montréal
Salle: Xerox (1er étage, section jaune)

Conférence donnée en anglais

Presentation in English

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This paper draws on work with David Seidl (Zurich) and Tanja Ohlson (Oxford) to propose. the concept of ‘restless practices’, Building on a Schatzkian view of institutions and practices, the concept of restlessness shifts attention towards practices with an inherent telos of change, Restless practices generate change as part of their inherent logic, so that institutional change can be proactive rather than reactive in response to problems or contradictions. In distinguishing between replicative practices and restless practices, the paper points to the roles of ‘collecting’, ‘selecting’ and ‘directing’ in change practices. The paper also suggests that relationships within institutions can be less about ties constraining change, more about gears augmenting change. I will illustrate restless practices, and collecting, selecting and directing, with cases from the evolution of strategy consulting over the last six decades.

Author’s bio

Richard Whittington is a leader in the field of Strategy-as-Practice research, having published the first paper in the field (1996).  He is the author of two highly influential textbooks on strategy: Exploring Strategy, the biggest-selling textbook in Europe, and What is Strategy–and Does it matter? winner of the Management Consulting Association prize for the best management book of 1993. Exploring Strategy has sold more than one million copies and its tenth edition is now in preparation. His research has featured in the Financial Times, The Sunday Times and People Management. He has published in leading journals such as the Journal of Management Studies, Organization Science, Organization Studies and the Strategic Management Journal. Richard is currently Associate Editor of the Strategic Management Journal. He has recently served on the Board of the Strategic Management Society, the international scholarly association of the strategy field, and as Chair of the Strategy as Practice interest group at the Academy of Management, the leading international management association. His recent research explores the recent ‘opening’ of strategy, as it becomes more transparent internally and externally, and involves a widening range of people from inside and outside the organization. His study has implications for current public policy debates on short-termism in business, supporting the case for more long-term strategic communications to external audiences by senior executives.

Cette conférence est organisée conjointement par le GéPS, la Chaire en gestion stratégique en contexte pluraliste et le Département de management de HEC Montréal.