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Date(s) - 15 janvier 2019
All Day

Organization Development & Change (ODC)

PDW Chair: Linda Rouleau, HEC Montreal,

Professional Development Workshop sessions will be held between 8 a.m. on Friday, August 9, 2019 and 8 p.m. on Saturday August 10, 2019 , immediately prior to the AOM scholarly program.

A PDW provides Academy members with a unique opportunity for professional development. Though not required, we are seeking PD W proposals that relate to the Annual Meeting theme. This year, the theme is “Understanding the Inclusive Organization” and should be interpreted broadly. It encourages submissions that focus on organizations and environments that improve society by positively integrating individuals and groups dealing with physical, psychological or cognitive, linguistic, social, cultural and economic differences.

This year’s theme resonates with the orientations of ODC Division – related scholars and practitioners. The ODC division is deeply committed to designing inclusive change and doing research on the diversity of changing processes and practices that capture major trends in contemporary organizations.

We are greatly interested in the development of perspectives, methods and practices that explore how to facilitate inclusive change and participation in open organizations. We encourage submissions that look at how to promote equity and human dignity as well as empowerment of each and every one through organizational change processes and practices.

In keeping with this theme, we especially look for proposals from scholars, regardless of membership in our division, who explore themes related to inclusive change and development in organizations . For example, related domains of research include, but are not limited to, social and community psychology , human resources management and open innovation, diversity studies, social issues in management, critical management studies, workplace studies, practice – based studies, and more. Examples of related topics include collaborative leadership, information sharing and participative decision making, empowerment, commitment and shared sensemaking, equality and diversity, self – directed teams, impression management, open innovation and strategy, among others.

The theme thus encourages PDWs that address questions such as the following:

What are the implications resulting from recent research and practice that explores the theme of “ inclusive and open organizations ” ? How does it improve our knowledge of change and changing?

What theoretical frames, concepts and models are the most useful for understanding the inclusive change and changing organizations?

How can change scholars and practitioners integrate the diversity of perspectives on inclusive and open organizations that exist across disciplines?

What dimensions, dilemmas, and dynamics are at play when organizations enforce greater transparency and inclusion to inside and /or outside actors?

What is the role of discourse, materiality and emotions in the construction of organizational policies and developmental activities that improve the capacity of individuals and groups to fully contribute to change and changing organizations?

What research methods , both established and new, are especially appropriate for studying inclusive change?

How might change practitioners integrate the diversity of perspectives that exist across teams, functions and units within an organization?

What change and changing practioners’ initiatives hold great potential for developing inclusiveness at any level of the organization?

What are the boundary conditions that empower broad participation and equity to promote individual and collective talents?

How does the spread of business education, new social media technologies, and the rise of new ecological systems facilitate and constraint inclusive change and the development of open organization?

How might diversity, inclusion and shared governance be achieved through participatory action research ?

What education, learning practices and skills facilitate the development of practitioners’ leadership that supports and is capable of encouraging

unique contributions and differences towards organizational goals and outcomes?

What are the opportunities and challenges of publishing research on inclusive change ?

How can one include research collaborators, participants, and assistants when disseminating academic results on inclusive change and changing organizations ?

Successful PDW proposals are highly interactive, create an engaging environment, provoke new ideas and learning, integrate cutting – edge scholarly or applied ideas, connect people and build relationships, and encourage experimentation with new ideas, processes and practices. They should be inclusive and of interest to participants from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives around topics of mutual interest. Since ODC – related work is broadly interdisciplinary, we especially encourage PDWs that will facilitate interactions between ODC practitioners, ODC academics and members of other divisions. We also encourage submissions on research, teaching, and/or practice.

Proposals for PDWs may address these or other issues that emanate from this year’s AOM theme. They may also focus on issues that are unrelated to the theme, but that align with the ODC Division domain statement. A doctoral consortium will be included in the program.

In addition, we encourage the organizers of past, successful PDWs to submit PDWs again for 2019.

PDW proposals may be submitted to only one (primary) division; however, we encourage PDW proposals that may be co – sponsored by other divisions or interest groups. Each potential sponsor should be listed on the proposal. Any co – sponsors will be determined after the submission is accepted.

The submission deadline is January 15, 2019, 5 p.m. ET (NY Time) . Early submissions are strongly advised. Please review the submission instructions before preparing your proposal.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss a possible proposal idea, please contact the ODC PDW Program Chair, Linda Rouleau at before December 15, 2018 .