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Date / Heure
Date(s) - 23 février 2016
12 h 15 min - 14 h 00 min

Gwenyth Edwards John Molson PhD candidate and lecturer in the Management department 2010

Gwyneth Edwards
Professeure adjointe
Département d’affaires internationales
HEC Montréal

Salle/room: Serge-Saucier (1er étage, section bleue)

Conférence donnée en anglais, période de questions en français et en anglais
Presentation in English

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CEOs are often attributed the role of chief strategist, responsible to lead the organization through major strategic change, industry turmoil, and internal and external shocks. More than ever, CEOs can reach their constituents through electronic means, using narrative to influence stakeholder behaviour. In this study, we investigate how CEO narratives relate to strategic change by studying the role and influence of CEO narrative using a historical approach. In our qualitative study on the last decade of Nortel, we define and characterize the narrative infrastructure created by three CEOs. Our analysis suggests that, in the face of significant strategic change, CEOs employ narrative to gain capital (social, financial and reputational) from their stakeholders and that when textual relationships between sources of narrative are strong (between types of narrative and over time), a dominant narrative emerges and constrains strategic choice. Based on our findings, we propose a theoretical model of the influence of CEO narratives in strategic change and present a research agenda to expand on this line of research.

Co-auteurs: Rick Molz (John Molson School of Business), Ann Langley (HEC Montréal)